Saturday, September 25, 2010

September in New York: Surfing for Peace Documentary

September 25, 2010
Tomorrow brings me to the screening of "God Went Surfing with the Devil," a documentary of Surfing for Peace/Explore Corps' project to bring surfboards to Gaza and teach young people there how to surf. I had sat next to the director of Explore Corps- Matt Olsen- on my flight back from Israel in August, and he told me a little about his program and some of the challenges he's encountered over the last two years in trying to get the surfboards through security and into Gaza. Once again, I feel so inspired by people like him who are going out and trying to make life a little better for people by providing stimulating and enriching learning opportunities.
Check out Matt's work here:

September in New York: New Music Bake Sale Brooklyn

September 25, 2010
Tonight is the New Music Bake Sale in Brooklyn, featuring several cutting-edge new music groups such as Newspeak and Ensemble de Sade. Should be fun, with booths and performances by many of New York's leading contemporary music ensembles.

September in New York: From Cocktails to Contemporary Classical Music to Gaza Surfing Documentary

September 25, 2010
This has been the most beautiful month in New York City. The sun is shining, there's an energy in the air as people immerse themselves in work and school, and a sense of urgency to enjoy these last gorgeous days before the weather turns and the sun goes down earlier and earlier.

Last weekend in September. Next weekend is October already, when I'll be off to learn all about yoga in my teacher training course at Finding Sukha!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September in New York: Out on the town, a cocktail heaven

September 24, 2010 Early autumn New York nights are the most magical of all, and New York is a playground of activities for all tastes and interests. Last night, I ventured out with a friend to the West Village and took her to Little Branch, the gem of a cocktail bar on 7th Avenue. We didn't even have to wait more than a few minutes to get in (unheard of). Here's what I highly recommend for next time you're there (can't remember the drink names):
Mint, fresh muddled ginger, lime, gin, soda
A sazerac with apple brandy
Anything with blackberries

We walked by a party where Kevin Spacey was standing outside in black tie, and my friend (who looks like Julia Roberts) tried to cajole the security guard to let us in, to no avail. So we ended up at the Blue Note for a night-cap, where a charming Cuban bass player invited us for tequila shots. And, oddly, I feel just fine today...