Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blonde Redhead at Webster Hall

You know those shows in which you completely surrender to the music? In which all criticism, praise, and other worldly concerns seem to utterly disappear and you develop this perfect synergy with the music and the musicians who are performing it? That was the Blonde Redhead show for me tonight at Webster Hall.

I realize that this music isn't for everyone, but I've been listening to this band for years now, and I'm always moved by their surprising chord progressions, their ethereal voices, even their bizarre lyrics that I can't quite understand. This was the first time I saw them live, and their performance was just as gratifying, if not more so, as their recordings.

The two lead singers are married-- a Japanese woman and an Italian man-- and the man's twin brother plays drums. There's also a keyboard player. The Japanese woman started the set wearing a very unusual mask, with tight sequin pants. Why do I love this band so much? Maybe because they strike the right balance: provocative-yet-accessible harmonies, sexy without trying to be, and simple lyrics that are both profound and completely inane (like "Allow me to show you!!! The way which I adore you!!! Sometimes I think I must, Just let you be, let you be a horse, All I want is to be a rider...")

Such a blessing, to be taken out of oneself for a couple of hours and drawn into music. Which concerts have you experienced this with lately?

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