Friday, March 2, 2012

Seeing El Sistema in Venezuela: Brief Overview

The Fellows have arrived! And it's as warm and beautiful in Caracas as we could ever hope.

If you're new to El Sistema, it is an extraordinary system of youth orchestras around Venezuela (and now, around the world) as a vehicle for social change. The 10 Fellows from the New England Conservatory are spending the next 5 weeks traveling through Venezuela to immerse ourselves in as much of El Sistema as we can.

All of the Fellows are blogging and posting beautiful videos, so please check theirs out (either on Facebook or via the NEC site, where you'll have to click on each person's name in the left column to access their individual blog. It's SO worth it.)

We're seeing so much, so for the sake of sharing our experiences in a way that's easy to watch/digest, I'll try to keep these blog posts focused on the questions we have going into the nucleos (program sites) and the take-aways from each day. I'll also be posting these without much polishing/editing, so what you see is pretty much what I'm seeing (via a camera that's in the process of breaking down.)

Please comment and ask questions-- I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I'm enjoying seeing these incredible children!

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