Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rural Sistema Programs, Part 3: Getting Started, and Teacher Training

What does it take to get a modulo or nucleo up and running in a place like the outskirts of Calabozo or Valle de la Pascua?

This is where the Sistema lends itself particularly well to programmatic development. Teachers from neighboring cities come regularly during the course of one year (twice a month in many cases) to train older students on their instruments so that they can take over the teaching and leadership. Over the course of the year, the master visiting teachers come less frequently and the student teachers take on more leadership responsibilities.

Some programs might have an advanced teacher move to or near the town for awhile to help get the program started, and to be as invested as possible in developing the student teachers who will be running the program once the advanced teacher leaves.

Imagine! It's like setting up an extraordinary leadership academy for young people: they receive intensive training by master teachers, they're given lots of responsibility, and then they have the honor of teaching for and shaping the program. Brilliant.

Fellow Jose Luis (left) translates for Sergio about the young teachers in Valle de la Pascua

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