Monday, December 31, 2012

OSL in December Part 4: Holiday Sing

Holiday Sing, December 13

Did you notice how this concert took place a day after the Seminario? Yep. That’s how we rolled. But it did mean that while we were all burning the candle at both ends, we had the following week to play catch-up at our computers.

This was the orchestra’s first holiday sing, and it was led and arranged by Tom Cabaniss. David Rosenmeyer was the conductor, and there was such a wonderful spirit of joy in the room that evening. I think I saw almost every staff member there singing along, too, which was also pretty cool.

Tom guided the audience through songs in 4 part harmony and rounds. The songs were mostly Christmas carols, with a Hebrew song and some spirituals thrown into the mix. He made everyone feel safe to sing along as they felt comfortable.

I was sitting on the side with audience members from the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center, and a few of them had never been to a concert. My favorite moment was during the Charpentier, when the woman behind me – confused as to whether to sing—asked, “What do we do now?” to which I replied, “You get to listen!” She seemed pleased with the response. 

We sang "I like to go to Peaslee's," which isn't on this clip, but here's some other P.D.Q Bach (Peter Schickele) for your enjoyment:

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