Monday, December 31, 2012

OSL: What's in Store for the Next 6 Months

So what do the next 6 months hold? A whole lot of planning for the future. We do plan to launch a Sistema-inspired youth orchestra in our neighborhood, as well as to support the music for social change community in NYC through access to OSL musicians and use of The DiMenna Center. We’re going to need to raise money, recruit students and parents, and dream big and carefully with many different people to try and create programs that are as meaningful as possible to the people who participate in them.

While fundraising isn’t the purpose of this blog, I’m sure you all know how important every contribution is to making these dreams possible. We have a campaign to support our violin coaching program, which WILL take place in two schools this year and which will become the basis for our future orchestra program in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. If you can and would like to support a truly excellent organization, please consider donating here.

Thank you, and I look forward to sharing where we’ve arrived in the spring!  

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