Monday, December 31, 2012

OSL in November: Production!

 November is when things started to really take off. We hired Jose Rincon to fill the newly-created Administrator for Artistic and Education & Community Programs, as a way to create more fluidity across educational and artistic initiatives (the idea being that they shouldn’t be so separated—it’s all artistic, with slightly different audiences, repertoire, and goals).

Hurricane Sandy also struck New York, putting all of us back and causing much more hardship than just the inconvenience of lack of electricity for many. People lost their children. People lost their homes. Vanished, just like that. It made going into work and typing up notes from last week’s meetings feel a little trite. I wrote a blog about one volunteering experience I had during that week, here.

Soldier’s Tale, with puppets!
Despite many, many hurdles, our production of Soldier’s Tale in collaboration with the amazing Puppet Kitchen went off fabulously. I am deeply grateful to Emily DeCola and her team for being so awesome, to Damon Gupton for being so flexible and masterful as conductor and host, to the whole team at Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse, to my wonderful team at OSL, and to the musicians and actors who made the production come to life.

Lessons learned: always be honest with everyone, including yourself. And work with friends whenever you can and it makes sense. Texting Emily on that Friday in October was the best call, ever.

Watch The Puppet Kitchen here!

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